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In today’s business world with mobile users, it is more important than ever for dispersed workforces to have access to data and systems from anywhere. The Business Manager 365 Mobile App for iPhone and for Android systems provides mobile and remote employees, and your customers, access to your data when they need it.

The Business Manager 365 Mobile App is a powerful tool when it comes to managing a service-based business. Business Manager 365 supports both the customer’s needs and the support personnel’s mobile needs.

As with other modules of Business Manager 365, the Business Manager 365 Mobile App utilizes a dashboard approach to help the helpdesk and project staff organize and manage their day.

Mobile Helpdesk Ticket Creation

The Business Manager 365 Mobile App can be used to quickly and easily open tickets within the helpdesk and support sections of Business Manager 365. The Business Manager 365 Mobile App allows customers and employees to create helpdesk tickets, check the status of helpdesk tickets, update helpdesk tickets, and ultimately close helpdesk and service tickets all through the app.

Through the integrated Business Manager 365 barcoding system, customers, and employees can easily and quickly open helpdesk service requests. By scanning the barcode, the system will show you any tickets already open for that device, or ask if you want to open a helpdesk ticket and request service.

Helpdesk/Project Ticket Management

The Business Manager 365 Mobile App provides easy ticket management processes. Business Manager 365 Mobile App with integration of the built-in barcoding system allows helpdesk technical staff quick access to ticket look-up, with the ability to update helpdesk tickets, input time related to working on helpdesk tickets or projects, parts management, add inventory of new parts, and change the location and user of existing parts and equipment.

The Business Manager 365 Mobile App is integrated into the Parts, Inventory, and Asset Management modules of Business Manager 365. This integration allows for customers and employees to quickly lookup warranty information, service tag or serial number information, purchase date, manufacturer, and current configurations.

Attachments and Pictures

As with many other areas of Business Manager 365, the ability to upload attachments, job site pictures, receipts, or other electronic documents can be performed and attached to the helpdesk or service tickets through the Business Manager 365 Mobile App.

Human Resources Tracking

The Business Manager 365 Human Resources module is also integrated into the Business Manager mobile app. The ability to track employee activity, time on tickets, and clock-in time are all important parts of a service management business controlling overhead and costs.

Clocking in and clocking out can be done through the Business Manager 365 Mobile App. To meet customer expectations, employees can clock in and clock out on the move. The Business Manager Mobile App allows employees to clock in and dispatch themselves on a helpdesk ticket. At the end of the day, they can clock out through the mobile app.


To ensure that employees are playing by the human resources’ rules you have for your company, the Business Manager 365 Mobile App has geofencing capabilities. Geofencing can track the clock in and clock out locations using Google Maps to determine if they were where they said they were when they clocked in and clocked out.

Time-Off Requests

Employees needing time off or scheduling vacations is just part of running a business. The Business Manager 365 Mobile App allows employees to request time off through the mobile app. That time off request then goes to human resources or the employee’s manager to review and approve or decline the request.

Overtime Requests on Helpdesk or Project Tickets

Business Manager 365 Mobile App has the feature to allow an employee to request overtime on a helpdesk ticket or project ticket. As part of the overtime request, Business Manager 365 tracks the customer and the ticket, so if you are charging your customers a premium for after-hours service or simply billing overtime based on time on the ticket, the time is trackable.

The overtime request then appears on the manager’s dashboard for review and approval or denial. All this information collected then goes to accounting for that client so that they can be appropriately and timely billed, and the employee gets appropriately paid.

Additional Features of the Business Manager 365 Mobile App

Business Manager 365 Mobile App has many features to help your service team be efficient in their work process, and track the usage of parts and equipment. Additional features of the Business Manager Mobile app allow your technical team to source through existing inventory, you can add equipment and barcode at a later date, you can receive a quote for a part, and you can track unique specifications about a part type and you can use parts within the mobile app.
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Business Manager 365 has full mobile app systems for iPhone and for Android systems. Your clients can have a branded mobile app for your business so they can manage, monitor and communicate with you at their convenience.