Having Access to Comprehensive Data is Essential to Grow Your Business.

Introducing Business Manager 365.

Maximize your profits by streamlining your business operations with Business Manager 365.

Business Manager 365 offers all of the features you need, including Barcoding, to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

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A True Business Management Solution

Instead of intertwining multiple basic apps and calling it a solution, Business Manager 365 is a true custom business management solution built from the ground up with your business’s needs in mind.

Empower Employees

Deliver insights to your employees for optimal success and help guide them to drive positive business results.

Optimize Productivity

Deliver faster turnaround times for your clients by centralizing relevant client information and streamlining the scheduling process.

Gain & Retain Customers

Gain and retain customers through proactively supporting their specific needs while increasing sales.

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Geared for Service Based Businesses

Business Manager 365 was developed from the practical needs of running a service-based business. This business management software is a true, all-in-one solution. It’s been built, tested and approved by your peers in the business arena. Features include:

See How It Works

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