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Pricing and Plans

Business Manager 365 is not a modular system, but a tightly integrated Business Management Software that is designed to help you manage your business seamlessly. It was built specifically for service professionals, and comes with a mobile app for techs who are in the field. Your business management software subscription provides full integration so you receive all the features and functionality of the software.

Business Manager 365 is a web application that can be deployed in two manners: Cloud Based or On-Premise.

Cloud Based Installation

Cloud based installation is available via two licensing model options: Named-Seat Licensing or Named-User Licensing.

Named-Seat Licensing

Named-Seat Licensing

The Named-Seat license option is a great option for balancing ease of deployment, use and cost. The four seat options allow you to decide the level of access required for each user. Reducing the need to setup specific permission at the time of deployment – simply configure your users, assign them the level of permissions they need and go!

* Feature is not required to be configured for every user setup with this license.

** Annual Maintenance is equal to 18% of software licensing.

Named-User Licensing

Named-User Licensing

Named-User licensing is a great option for companies looking for flexibility in deployment. Simply determine the number of users needed and pay the designated monthly cost based on the user group ranges. Upon deployment, you will have the option to use our four pre-built roles or build your own custom roles granting your own permission structure.

Annual Maintenance is equal to 18% of software licensing.

On-Premise Installation

For On-Premise Installation pricing of Business Manager 365, please contact one of our sales representatives. Give us a call at 877-284-5733, send us an email or use the form below and we will contact you soon.

Pricing FAQ

I have to pay for annual maintenance/support?

Yes, software maintenance fees are standard in the software industry there are many reasons that companies charge for maintenance such as; to keep the software current with the ever changing business environment, client requests for changes or modifications to the software to enhance its overall value, to insure that it remains compatible with third party applications such as QuickBooks, Microsoft products, changes in operating systems and web based technologies.

Why do I need maintenance/support?

There are many reason that paying for maintenance benefits you and all the customers of Business Manager 365. The maintenance fees also help with fixing workflow issues within the software, corrective fixes, technology enhancements, long term sustainability and usability of the software, research and development and testing of the product to insure outstanding performance.

What’s included in the maintenance/support?

This depends on the level of maintenance and support that you choose which are listed under the support plans.

What can go wrong if I don’t maintain your software?

Business Manager 365 is a version based software and although upgrades are not required without the maintenance and support plans in place the software will become static and you wouldn’t benefit from new technologies and new features of the system.



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