Project Management – Project Ticket Features

Ticket History

See a condensed view who did a certain activity for that ticket and when. For additional detail, you can also view the individual project ticket update descriptions.

Confidential Tickets

The ability to make a project ticket confidential is available in the Project Management system. By enabling the confidential ticket feature it hides the project from the client side except for the client administrator.

Child and Secondary Tickets

Child Tickets are tickets which are directly associated with the completion of the project; the activity just might be more than what can be outlined and completed in a typical task process. A Secondary Ticket is a ticket that has created a secondary project within the primary project with which it is associated. The primary ticket can’t be closed until all child and secondary tickets have been closed.

Tech Notes

Tech notes are simply a free-form area of the ticket that technical staff or employees can add specific technical information for future reference.


Project Management Module

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