Human Resources – Clock Out and End of Day Processes

Clock out process is intended for situations such as breaks, or lunch the end-of-day process asks for compliance to HR standards which are customizable for your needs, but Business Manager by default is going to ask; Were you hurt on the job today? Did you get your breaks today?  Did you get your lunch today?  Depending on the answers, Business Manager 365 is going ask them to outline the situation, then based on the setup of the system that information will be emailed to Human Resources or to the manager responsible for that employee. In the event of litigation where lunch breaks or breaks, in general, are part of the litigation then Business Manager 365 can report on that activity and the information put in by the employee. In the event of injury litigation, you can show if they reported it to the company and when, and what steps you took to mitigate that injury.   

Business Manager 365 Human Resources Module

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