Contract Approval and Management

Within the Subcontractor module, you can set up specific boilerplate contracts. Through the integration with Microsoft Word, you’ll have the ability to change the boilerplate or add language to define the scope of work, dates, or payment schedules.

The contract can then be sent to the customers’ salesperson or accounting for approval before being sent to the subcontractor for approval.  Approval can be done through the Client Portal or you can print to a hard copy or electronic form and email.  This approval process also confirms insurance information such as a current insurance certificate and its expiration dates  You may also set up any retainage requirements and warranty information regarding the job they are doing for you.

Business Manager 365 will manage the effective dates of the contract, any renewal obligations, and the completion of the work because you can directly tie a contract to a service/helpdesk request, or a project ticket.

See How It Works

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AC repair technician using Business Manager 365 on a tablet