Frequently Asked Questions

Filler Text: Liberty One Software is committed to providing ongoing training to our Business Manager 365 Clients. Clients can benefit from the Learning Center in multiple scenarios such as new user training, learning new features/changes after an update, or an experienced user that wants to maintain their Business Manager 365 knowledge.

Learning new features/changes after an update, or an experienced user that wants to maintain their Business Manager 365 knowledge.

What determines the software price?

Business Manager 365 has two methods of software implementation. One is cloud based as software as a service. The other is in-place, where Liberty One Software provides you with the specifications you need along with a consulting team to help you to implement the software at your location.

Pricing for the cloud based system is based on a per named user basis. The in-place installation of the software pricing is based on the purchase of the software operating license along with a per named user license.

What types of onsite services are provided?

Liberty One Software’s goal is to ensure your installation of Business Manager 365 is done properly from the very beginning and that your Return on Investment is optimized through process improvement and streamlining of business practices.  Our consulting team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the software is configured and functioning to meet your expectations, and will be available through onsite services or remote support processes. This includes:

  • Onsite Configuration and Installation Professional Services.
  • Onsite Initial and ongoing Training Processes.
  • Go Live work teams.

What is the turnaround time for fixes to Business Manager 365?

Liberty One Software has developed a process where clients can report bugs or functional processes through the online portal. Every reported issue with the software is then evaluated to determine if it is what we call “Operationally Impacting”. If it is determined through our testing and evaluation with our clients that it is operationally impacting then it will be scheduled for a hot fix as soon as it is reasonably possible. If it is not operationally impacting then it will be scheduled and put into a normal scheduled release of the software.

How often is Business Manager 365 updated and what is the notification process?

Liberty One’s Software goal is to do major upgrades once a year with minor updates available twice a year. Hot fixes will be rolled out based on impact to our clients’ operational needs. Liberty One Software will email both cloud and In-Place clients with release notes. Clients can then go online through the client portal and schedule an upgrade time.

Is the proposed software scalable in design?

In the beginning, Business Manager 365 was designed to be a modular based design. However, as the software grew in features and functionality, the integration became so tight that breaking the software into modules no longer made operational or developmental sense. Our goal then was to design the software to be as flexible as possible through our configuration processes. Business Manager 365 was developed with the goal of one time data entry, and that every employee, regardless of role or responsibility, works out of a single database. Business Manager 365 is an SQL based database so it will scale from a technology perspective to meet the need of any organization, large or small.

How Customizable is the software to my business’ needs?

Liberty One Software has designed Business Manager 365 to be very flexible. We have, through our customer portal, designed a product enhancement process, along with customer advisory committees, that will help our development team set priorities for future development and functional enhancements. Although we are open to specific customizations, Liberty One Software’s goal is to focus on the long term functional enhancements that benefit all our clients’ growth and business process improvements.

What are some of the typical hurdles that you can expect with your planned installation?

Business Manager 365 has been in development since January of 2002 and goes through a practical operational trial period prior to being released to the client base. This basically means that the software is actually being used as part of our QA processes. The biggest hurdle with new clients is the amount of detail that they have to know about their own business in order to configure the software correctly so that it can help them grow. Another hurdle is process change, as flexible as Business Manger 365 is, as with all software, sometimes a change in process or culture is required to maximize the use of the software.

What are the hours of support and how does the support department operate?

Liberty One Software is committed to providing the highest level of support possible. We understand that your business runs around the clock so ours does as well. Our help desk support is available 24x7x365 and you can email the help desk, call the help desk, or open a ticket through the online portal. Liberty One Software offers three support packages all specifically designed to allow you the option of picking the best one for your business needs.

Does Business Manager 365 offer billing?

Business Manager 365 does not currently provide billing however it does contain all information needed to create an invoice.  Our software does issue quotes which then can be electronically approved by the client.  Future versions of Business Manager 365 may have the option to issue invoices in select areas of the software see below for additional information.

Is Business Manager 365 an Accounting Software?

No, our goal is not to become an accounting software. However Business Manager 365 is built on the Microsoft SQL database, allowing for many options to interface with other accounting packages such as QuickBooks Pro. Our goal is to develop interfaces with other accounting software packages as well through the release of an API interface.

I already use QuickBooks, why do I need this?

QuickBooks is a software that will interface to Business Manager 365, however Business Manager 365 is a workflow, business process management software that enhances overall business operations then transfers the appropriate data to QuickBooks.